27-30 OCTOBER 2021

Gaziantep, Turkey

Dear Colleagues, Dear Friends,

It seems that we, as humanity, have survived the difficult period of the pandemic. After about a year and a half, we can say that our knowledge about the pandemic has increased and we have adapted to the pandemic conditions better. The acceleration of vaccination studies in our country is also promising…

Due to the pandemic, we could not do our annual congress face-to-face in Gaziantep as we planned last year. Unfortunately, we could not hold another face-to-face meeting under physical conditions for the same reasons. We missed getting together...

For these reasons, we have reinforced our decision to hold the annual congress this year, as we had planned last year, as an international congress in Gaziantep, where Mustafa Kemal gave the title "Gazi" (War Veteran in English).

Our congress will be held on 27-30 October 2021, again to cover our Republic Day. Moreover, this year is the 100th anniversary of Gaziantep's liberation from occupation.

We invite you to share the rich scientific program at the International Biochemistry Congress 2021 // 32nd National Biochemistry Congress, to meet in Gaziantep, which has a very rich historical and cultural heritage, on the 100th anniversary of the liberation of our “Gazi” city, on our 98th Republic Day, and to the "socialization" we miss.

With my best wishes, 

Dogan Yucel 

Chair of Congress

President of TBS




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