QC TRAINING: "Westgard Rules" The Past, Present, and Future of QC
Sten Westgard, Sedef Yenice

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Cell Death and Cytotoxicity
Engin Ulukaya

13:00-13:15     Gathering and meeting

13:15-13:30     Introduction speech (Prof. Dr. Engin ULUKAYA)

                        “Summarization of daily schedule”

13:30-14:00     Application areas of cytotoxicity tests (theory)

                        “MTT, SRB, ATP assay and xCELLigence RTCA”

14:00-14:30     Biochemical analysis of cell death modalities (theory)

                        “Apoptosis, necrosis, autophagy, necroptosis”

14:30-14:45     Coffee break

14:45-15:15     Practice of cytotoxicity tests (video display) “MTT, SRB, ATP assay and xCELLigence RTCA”

15:15-15:45     Cell death analysis (video display) “Evaluation of apoptosis-related parameters via Muse Cell Analyzer and morphological images of various cell death models”

15:45-16:00     Question-answer session/ discussion and closure


The course is limited maximum 50 people.

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miRNA Course from Theory to Practice

The programm will be announced soon.


Biosensor Course
Levent Kayrın, Umut Kokbas, Kezban Kartlasmiş, Basak Gunasti

Course Programme:

09.00-09.10   Opening

09.10-09.40   General information on the biosensors - Levent Kayrin

09.40-10.10   Properties of biosensors - Kezban Kartlasmis

10.10-10.40   Application areas of biosensors - Umut Kokbas

10.40-11.00   Coffee break

11.00 12.00   Application - Levent Kayrin, Umut Kokbas, Kezban Kartlasmis, Basak Gunasti

12.00-13.15 Lunch break

13.15 16.30  Application


The course is limited maximum 15 people.

Registration will be opened soon.